Farm Life

My parents recently moved from the neighborhood where I grew up to a 5 acre hobby farm.  This has been our first visit to the farm and we are having a blast!!! 

I cannot imagine a better way to wake up than coffee on the deck, watching my horse run!! 

In addition to our normal family fun, this visit has been chock full of Grandma’s farm animals! I have owned my horse Cody for over 20 years and this is the first time that any of our horses have been able to be home rather than boarded at someone else’s farm. 

Grandma also has chickens, kittens, bottle fed baby goats, and she hatched a baby peacock while we’ve been here!!

I’m calling these 3 weeks an extended field trip because they sure have been educational! #homeschool 


Summer School

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we will be homeschooling year round.  Our “year” is just about to end and then after a weeklong break, we will start up again.  I’m not a monster though so our summer schedule will be more relaxed and more of the fun stuff.

Here’s what I’m planning and why…

Science: workbook twice weekly, experiment once a week.

*I picked out a Kindergarten workbook because it is between the levels of my 2 girls.  There are 47 “lessons” listed in the workbook but each is a single page and many of them go together easily so I think it will be closer to 20 lessons for us.  During the school year, we do our science at our co-op but that has a very small focus for the year.  We will be doing this brief overview workbook to introduce the girls to more varied science concepts.

Art: twice weekly

*Art is something that I have a hard time organizing or teaching.  The girls have a free range art space where they are welcome to go and create anytime and they use it often.  We also do pinterest crafts fairly regularly but I don’t consider myself very artistic so I haven’t really done any “teaching” as far as technique goes.  We are going to be participating in An Art Habit which is a twice weekly online course put on by Rachelle of Tinkerlab.

Math & Geography: Once a week

First Language Lessons: Twice weekly

*These will just be once and twice a week to keep us on track throughout the rest of the year and so that we have more freedom to take breaks when we want them. I’ll be most flexible with these because I am really just looking to do enough over the summer to give us a head start and keep us from getting rusty.

Jot It Down: daily

*This is going to be our gateway into Brave Writer!  I am so excited to start and I was going over the project ideas with Avery and she is also excited.  I say “daily” but some of those days might just be reading relevant stories or poetry teatime or a quick 5 minute free write.



Our summer “happy place”….we’ll also be taking a 3 week vacation HERE to rest & relax with family!

So what are YOUR summer plans? School wise or vacation??




Capitol Reef National Park

We are onto the third and final leg of our marathon vacation…the National Parks! Our first stop is Capitol Reef and we are excited to get out on the trails tomorrow. For now, I can say we are blown away by the hotel (Capitol Reef Resort) and the view from our room! Full review when we get home.


Dinner was also awesome! We ran across the street to the Rim Rock Patio to grab a pizza. The wait was pretty long but it was worth it….delicious!!


Dinosaur Park

One of my new favorite places to visit in Utah is Ogden’s Dinosaur Park!


It was a really fun park with so much for the kids and plenty for the adults too. They gave the kids Field Guides to fill out so the girls were searching for the different types of dinos and then answering questions about them. There was a prize for completing your field guide….but don’t hold your breath. The prize was a teeny tiny ‘fossil’ that was really a letdown. You could have also picked a free ticket for a return visit as your prize but since we aren’t local, that wasn’t really an option for us. Other than the prize, we had a great visit!



There is an outside trail with huge dinosaurs all along the trail. There are also actual playground parks and picnic areas to let the kids play and run around. Then the inside is more of traditional museum attractions.  We had a ton of fun and will likely make this a regular stop on our Utah vacations!

Leg 2-Utah!

We are onto our second leg of vacation..SLC to visit with dad’s family! Leaving our IL family is always really hard…lots of tears from A and mom. It was the same this time but luckily we were all missing daddy a lot so we were excited to see him. Happy to be back together ♡


For our first day here, we visited the new aquarium. The Loveland Living Aquarium. The last time that we visited was just before the aquarium opened so we have been waiting to check it out! The girls loved it….the touch pools and shark tunnel were the biggest hits!


Five Below

Do you live near a Five Below store? I don’t but my parents do. I was happily surprised to see they had a variety of workbooks and learning supplies. We picked out some stuff to try and pointed out some other stuff we liked that we might ask Grandma to send us later. And while we were in school mode, we got some new Target dollar spot stuff as this target had a different selection than ours.



Now to see if we have room in our suitcase or have to mail ourselves a box…..