Life’s an Adventure, Enjoy It!


I had this sign custom made by a local artist and I am absolutely in love with it!!  The map is on raised blocks of wood and each space will hold a 5×7 picture (though it turned out so well that I’m not sure I want to cover any of it up!!).  This is going to be the centerpiece of our vacation picture wall.  I gave her the quote and idea but she completely blew this project out of the water!!

The artist only does local work, no shipping but she is so awesome.  I foresee us ordering a few more pieces.

Oils for travel

One of the hardest decisions while packing for our month long vacation was which essential oils to bring with us.  We use oils for everything now…going to sleep, tummy aches, all purpose healing stick, head aches, etc.  This is our first big trip where I have a pretty large arsenal of oils that I use daily.  Thankfully, I have made roller blends for most of our daily uses so I don’t need to bring as many single oils.

We need lavender, stress relief, and 4 thieves for the plane ride.  Then once we get there, we’ll need our good night blend, bug repellent, and a few of our illness blends to cover most of our bases just in case.  And with the Honey Badger, we definitely need our healing stick for any bumps, bruises, and cuts she might get!

I found most of my roller bottle blend recipes on Pinterest.

Extended Vacay

I’m about to embark on a month long vacation with the two girls. We are headed to visit my family in Illinois for two weeks. Then we go straight to Salt Lake City to visit dad’s family for a week (and dad will meet us there). The last week of our vacation will be a road trip back home to Arizona. We’re hitting 3 of the Mighty 5 UT National Parks…more on that later!


I am super excited about our vacation and hopefully the most stressful part (packing and prepping to be gone a month!) is already over!