The best Mother’s Day gift!

In anticipation of going out of town, my husband took the girls shopping a few weeks before Mother’s Day to pick out presents for me.

My husband bought me new grill tools.  We had recently joked about how grill accessories were a traditional fathers day gift but I am the grill master at our house and I really needed new ones. Score #1 for him!

The girls walked past an aisle and saw teapots.  They insisted on buying one for me.  At first, my husband thought it was a classic case of wanting to buy the first thing they saw.  But they explained to him that I had been wanting a teapot lately and that we had looked at them together recently. They went into detail about poetry teatime and how a teapot was necessary.  Daddy let them pick one out and crossed his fingers that I really did want one.  They were right!! Score #2!

They picked out a beautiful, shiny teapot that I LOVE.  However, my heart was bursting for a different reason.  The gift of a man who listens, really listens, to small children when they talk to him.  It would have been easy for him to brush them off, afterall, I had never mentioned wanting a teapot to him.  Those were conversations I only had with the girls.  But he didn’t brush them off.  He listened to them as explained why and for what I wanted a teapot.  He didn’t ruin the surprise by texting me and asking me if I really wanted one.  He knew that nobody spends as much time with me as those girls and if anyone knew most what I had been looking for, it would be them.  He values them and knows their worth and THAT is the best present of all.

Naturally, we had our first poetry teatime on Mother’s Day and it was magical!! We try to do it once a week but the girls ask for it 3-4 times a week. Poetry teatime is everyone’s favorite!


Brave Writer

Any Brave Writer families in here?

Like many homeschool moms, I was recently evaluating the curriculum we used this year and making a plan for what we will use next.  Almost all of the curriculum that we used, “worked” for us this year.  Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else out there that might work even better. Something that might excite and intrigue us.  There are so many homeschool curriculum options that I just want to explore them all but, nobody’s got time for that.

I consulted the school principal (aka my husband).  I consulted the veteran homeschool moms in our co-op.  For the most part, everyone else said that they would stick with what worked because maybe next year or the year after, it won’t work anymore and that will be the time to find a new and better option.

Wellllll, I’m not taking their advice. I really did want their opinions and I do value them but once I stumbled upon Brave Writer, I just can’t get it out of my head.  Several of the things that we used this year that worked but weren’t anything special were our spelling, writing, and handwriting resources.  All of those can be replaced with Brave Writer.

I’m in LUST with these ideas and lifestyle changes to integrate “curriculum” into life.  I’m trying not to jump in blindly and buy a ton of stuff right off the bat (Hello, I’ve been on amazon finding THE PERFECT tea set for poetry teatime even though we already have a teaset….PUT THE CAR IN PARK, LADY!).  I’m trying to go slow, I’m reading the Writer’s Jungle right now and want to finish that before anything else.

So, are you a Brave Writer family?  Do you follow it all or just pick and choose components?

                   The tea set that I am currently swooning over!