“We homeschool so…..”

Do you have a favorite or funniest “we homeschool!” anecdote?  Where your child does something differently than other kids and you feel the need to explain the reason why is that you homeschool?

We went on a field trip with our co-op awhile back to a nature center.  Someone gave us a talk about bones, skulls, and native animals. It was really interesting and we learned some great info.  The instructor would hold up each skull and ask to which animal it belonged.  She was expecting the kids to raise their hands to answer but Avery just kept blurting it out.  Each time, the lady would look at her and remind her to raise her hand and then call on someone else to answer.   Avery literally had no idea what the lady meant, she just really did not know the concept of raising your hand to be called on.  Eventually, after like 3 rounds of this, I just blurted out “We homeschool!!”  And further explained that when I ask a question, she’s expected to answer it, not raise her hand.  We were there with our homeschool co-op so everyone laughed and agreed that it was a foreign concept to a lot of our littles.

I did, of course, explain the situation to Avery.  I explained to her that when there are so many people in a group, it can get a little crazy if everyone is blurting things out and so people are often expected to raise their hand and wait to be addressed before answering/speaking.  But really, I was just so darn happy that she was participating since she can often be shy in new situations!

Imagine you are at a dinner party and a song comes on.  Someone asks “Who sings this?”  If you know the answer, do you just blurt it out or do you raise your hand to answer the question?  We just blurt it out.  Maybe a couple people blurt it out, everyone laughs and agrees or discusses if they think it was a different band.  But in general, we don’t raise our hands and wait for the opportunity to answer a question.  I mean, that’s kind of weird if you think about it.

So yeah, I will concede that there ARE some things my kids are missing out on by being homeschooled….mainly how to raise their hands and how to stand in line!

But I think they’ll make it in life anyway.

Dinosaur Park

One of my new favorite places to visit in Utah is Ogden’s Dinosaur Park!


It was a really fun park with so much for the kids and plenty for the adults too. They gave the kids Field Guides to fill out so the girls were searching for the different types of dinos and then answering questions about them. There was a prize for completing your field guide….but don’t hold your breath. The prize was a teeny tiny ‘fossil’ that was really a letdown. You could have also picked a free ticket for a return visit as your prize but since we aren’t local, that wasn’t really an option for us. Other than the prize, we had a great visit!



There is an outside trail with huge dinosaurs all along the trail. There are also actual playground parks and picnic areas to let the kids play and run around. Then the inside is more of traditional museum attractions.  We had a ton of fun and will likely make this a regular stop on our Utah vacations!

Leg 2-Utah!

We are onto our second leg of vacation..SLC to visit with dad’s family! Leaving our IL family is always really hard…lots of tears from A and mom. It was the same this time but luckily we were all missing daddy a lot so we were excited to see him. Happy to be back together ♡


For our first day here, we visited the new aquarium. The Loveland Living Aquarium. The last time that we visited was just before the aquarium opened so we have been waiting to check it out! The girls loved it….the touch pools and shark tunnel were the biggest hits!


Field Trippin’

The best part of homeschooling is taking all the field trips you want!! We turn every outing into a field trip or learning experience.  We really love being outside and being active so it is awesome to have the freedom to go whenever we want.

We recently went fishing as a family and we talked about the difference between lakes and oceans…what animals live in each and fresh water vs. salt water.  And there was quite a bit of just playing and having fun too 🙂

When we go camping, we talk about the wildlife, climate, plants, etc.  I am the main educator in our house but I really love when dad gets into it!  On a spring camping trip to Saguaro National Park, we took a hike to see some petroglyphs.  Dad was telling the girls about them, how they got there, what they meant, and how long they had been there.  When we got back to camp, he got out some chalk and showed the girls how to make their own petroglyphs on the rocks around camp.  It was an awesome idea and learning experience and he wasn’t even trying or thinking about making it a “school activity”.  He’s a natural educator 😉

(They also blended different color chalk together to make new colors.)

Some fun places to visit that are very easy to work in a school/learning aspect:

*Zoos/Aquariums/Pettings zoos (We live 2-3 hours from major zoos so we don’t get there as much as I’d like.)

*Library (obviously for the books but also check what special events your library hosts!)

*Bakeries (lots have kid classes now….my mom takes my nephew to chocolate crafting classes)

*Museums (Children’s Museums are so awesome…our town is trying to raise money for one but for now, we have to drive 2-3 hours.)

*Most police and fire stations are happy to give tours and show kids their equipment.

*Nature Centers (we visit a lot of National Parks and all of them have Jr Park Ranger programs…ask about it in the visitor center.)

Have an idea for a field trip outing that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear it!! We are always looking for new ideas!!