Party time!

Avery just recently turned 7. One of my favorite things about this girl is her creativity in picking party themes. One year, she did a Malificient theme. Another year, she did a Grinch theme….for a September birthday. 

This year, she wanted to do a Nerf party. These are pretty popular in our circle but instead of a war (because why would she want to shoot her friends), she wanted a Nerf challenge party. 

She decided on 7 challenges for her  7 years. Everyone got 7 shots at each target and we had a prize for the “Top Shot”.

I spent a few weeks deciding on the challenges and creating them. It was so fun! We had a blast planning and preparing for the party and all of the guests had fun too.

The 7 challenges we did were: spinning targets, swinging targets, zombie attack, ping pong precision, sniper training, balloon pop, and tin can challenge.

The “Top Shot” award

The party itself was relatively inexpensive because I made the challenges from mostly recycled materials and we did snack foods instead of a full meal.  The most expensive part of the party was getting these cute little single shooters for the favors but they were a big hit so it was worth it! 

This was possibly my favorite theme that she has picked so far….but she’s already brainstorming for her 8th birthday so we’ll see what she picks next….


Grinch Party!

I officially have a 5 year old!!  Her Grinch party was a huge success!  We decorated in ll green and ate green foods (guacamole, grapes, green apples, green peppers, cucumbers, etc).  We ordered a Grinch piñata and it turned out much bigger and better than expected…it was so much fun but the piñata was too strong and the kids needed a little help breaking it open.  Mom worked really hard to make a “pin-the-heart-on-the-Grinch” game and while it turned out well, the kids were too busy and we never actually played the game.  Daddy made her a Grinch cake too…he’s got skills.

Avery had a great birthday and a great party.  I loved the challenge of the random theme where I had to put a little more thought into it.  Success all around!


Don’t be a Grinch!

A’s 5th birthday is coming up quickly and I am busy planning her party! I cannot believe that she is already 5…but more on her and her 5 years on her actual birthday.

About a week before her 4th birthday, she asked for a Grinch party.  There was no way that I could have thrown it together at that point and besides, we didn’t have a ‘friends’ party for her last year because we were traveling and celebrated with her grandma and poppy.  But, I had told her that we could do that next year if she still wanted to.  I did not actually expect that she would still want the same thing a year later but said it more so that she knew I wasn’t shutting her idea down, just that it wasn’t going to work in that moment.

Fast forward a year later and she is having her Grinch party!  She has literally been talking about her Grinch birthday for the past YEAR.  It is a little bit of a difficult theme because her birthday is in September….not near Christmas and as one would assume, most Grinch party supplies or ideas are centered around Christmas.  Oh well, mom to the rescue!! We will make the Fall Grinch party a thing 😉  I am pretty excited about it because it is “all her” and not something that 5 of her other friends are going to choose for their parties too.