Djeco Art-Review

Avery just had her 9th birthday!  I can hardly believe it. 9!

The girl does not like to rest during the day.  And mom does. I need a breather between school time and extracurriculars.  One of the gift ideas I had for her was something productive that she could do on her own but that would be a quiet, independent activity when the rest of us could REST.

Djeco Scratch Boards have definitely fit that bill.  Avery loves anything art and anything animals so the Lush Nature boards were perfect for her.


The scratch boards are the perfect independent activity because there is no prep needed, no mess created, and no cleanup afterwards. Talk about a MOM WIN!!  Avery also really takes her time with these…she will work on one board for several days so it is not something done quickly and forgotten about.


The kit comes with an instruction booklet that guides you on what to uncover and what to leave.  You can obviously use that if you want but Avery really likes the mystery of it so she does her own thing….what pattern/colors will be under the elephant ear??  She likes to discover each little part on her own.

We have used Djeco art kits in the past and have always loved them!  The Lush Nature Scratch Boards are no different.  Great quality and highly entertaining for the kids.  If you also get a rest out of the deal–that’s a total BONUS, right??




*Timberdoodle sent us this product at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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