Party time!

Avery just recently turned 7. One of my favorite things about this girl is her creativity in picking party themes. One year, she did a Malificient theme. Another year, she did a Grinch theme….for a September birthday. 

This year, she wanted to do a Nerf party. These are pretty popular in our circle but instead of a war (because why would she want to shoot her friends), she wanted a Nerf challenge party. 

She decided on 7 challenges for her  7 years. Everyone got 7 shots at each target and we had a prize for the “Top Shot”.

I spent a few weeks deciding on the challenges and creating them. It was so fun! We had a blast planning and preparing for the party and all of the guests had fun too.

The 7 challenges we did were: spinning targets, swinging targets, zombie attack, ping pong precision, sniper training, balloon pop, and tin can challenge.

The “Top Shot” award

The party itself was relatively inexpensive because I made the challenges from mostly recycled materials and we did snack foods instead of a full meal.  The most expensive part of the party was getting these cute little single shooters for the favors but they were a big hit so it was worth it! 

This was possibly my favorite theme that she has picked so far….but she’s already brainstorming for her 8th birthday so we’ll see what she picks next….