“We homeschool so…..”

Do you have a favorite or funniest “we homeschool!” anecdote?  Where your child does something differently than other kids and you feel the need to explain the reason why is that you homeschool?

We went on a field trip with our co-op awhile back to a nature center.  Someone gave us a talk about bones, skulls, and native animals. It was really interesting and we learned some great info.  The instructor would hold up each skull and ask to which animal it belonged.  She was expecting the kids to raise their hands to answer but Avery just kept blurting it out.  Each time, the lady would look at her and remind her to raise her hand and then call on someone else to answer.   Avery literally had no idea what the lady meant, she just really did not know the concept of raising your hand to be called on.  Eventually, after like 3 rounds of this, I just blurted out “We homeschool!!”  And further explained that when I ask a question, she’s expected to answer it, not raise her hand.  We were there with our homeschool co-op so everyone laughed and agreed that it was a foreign concept to a lot of our littles.

I did, of course, explain the situation to Avery.  I explained to her that when there are so many people in a group, it can get a little crazy if everyone is blurting things out and so people are often expected to raise their hand and wait to be addressed before answering/speaking.  But really, I was just so darn happy that she was participating since she can often be shy in new situations!

Imagine you are at a dinner party and a song comes on.  Someone asks “Who sings this?”  If you know the answer, do you just blurt it out or do you raise your hand to answer the question?  We just blurt it out.  Maybe a couple people blurt it out, everyone laughs and agrees or discusses if they think it was a different band.  But in general, we don’t raise our hands and wait for the opportunity to answer a question.  I mean, that’s kind of weird if you think about it.

So yeah, I will concede that there ARE some things my kids are missing out on by being homeschooled….mainly how to raise their hands and how to stand in line!

But I think they’ll make it in life anyway.


The best Mother’s Day gift!

In anticipation of going out of town, my husband took the girls shopping a few weeks before Mother’s Day to pick out presents for me.

My husband bought me new grill tools.  We had recently joked about how grill accessories were a traditional fathers day gift but I am the grill master at our house and I really needed new ones. Score #1 for him!

The girls walked past an aisle and saw teapots.  They insisted on buying one for me.  At first, my husband thought it was a classic case of wanting to buy the first thing they saw.  But they explained to him that I had been wanting a teapot lately and that we had looked at them together recently. They went into detail about poetry teatime and how a teapot was necessary.  Daddy let them pick one out and crossed his fingers that I really did want one.  They were right!! Score #2!

They picked out a beautiful, shiny teapot that I LOVE.  However, my heart was bursting for a different reason.  The gift of a man who listens, really listens, to small children when they talk to him.  It would have been easy for him to brush them off, afterall, I had never mentioned wanting a teapot to him.  Those were conversations I only had with the girls.  But he didn’t brush them off.  He listened to them as explained why and for what I wanted a teapot.  He didn’t ruin the surprise by texting me and asking me if I really wanted one.  He knew that nobody spends as much time with me as those girls and if anyone knew most what I had been looking for, it would be them.  He values them and knows their worth and THAT is the best present of all.

Naturally, we had our first poetry teatime on Mother’s Day and it was magical!! We try to do it once a week but the girls ask for it 3-4 times a week. Poetry teatime is everyone’s favorite!