Since I’m Graduating….

Avery is officially done with her year of Pre-K and they hosted a cute graduation ceremony, complete with caps!  All day before the ceremony, Avery kept saying “Since I’m graduating….” and then followed it up with all sorts of super grown up ideas and propositions.  Basically, she graduated Pre-K and is now about ready to leave for college!

prek graduation.jpg

Her teachers made really nice scrapbooks for each student.  Pictures that we had never seen from all of their different events throughout the year.  Projects that highlighted their growth (physical and development).  Avery had a good year here and really came to love her teachers.  I am glad that we decided to put her in a Pre-K program this past year but I am also very happy and very confident in our decision to homeschool next year.

On the way home from the graduation ceremony, Avery said “Since I graduated, can we start on kindergarten tomorrow?”  I laughed and said “Of course!!”  And her dad laughed at both of us and said “You guys are such nerds!”  All true.



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