Curriculum Love!

Timberdoodle recently had a warehouse sale and we were able to pick up quite a few things that we will use in our curriculum!! One of things that I love about TD is the focus on STEM and critical thinking skills.  So many of their recommended materials are FUN and engaging!

Here is what we picked up during the sale:

*Logik Street (board game, brain teasers, critical thinking)

*ThinkPlay STEM Junior

*Imagination Patterns

*Brainfood Doodle Mats (USA, geography, states)

*Our Blue Planet (puzzle, geography)

*Grow to Know Mazes

*My First Maze Book

*Usborne Illustrated Science Dictionary


I think the best part is that the girls are both over the moon with everything!!  They have not stopped playing with this new stuff since it arrived.  We get our mail pretty late in the day (6 pm) so when we opened it up and went through everything, of course we needed to stay up a little late to play!  And then the next morning….they went straight to the imagination patterns and thinkplay building blocks.  Normally in the mornings, they are allowed tv or tablets (because, let’s be real–mom needs 2 cups of coffee before she functions).

But they SKIPPED ELECTRONICS in favor of LEARNING MATERIALS!!!  Of course, they don’t know that this is “curriculum”, they just think they got new toys for no reason but we’ve got a good thing going so I’m not going to ruin that by labeling things unnecessarily 😉




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