Choosing a Curriculum

I am planning on buying a boxed curriculum for our Kindergarten/First Grade year.  Since this will be our first ‘serious’ year homeschooling, I just want to have that guide and that assurance that I am doing it right.  I think it will help me to be confident that I am not leaving anything out, that I am keeping on course for the year, and that I CAN DO THIS!

I am leaning towards using Timberdoodle.  I have researched the included materials, read the reviews, etc.  It seems like a great mix of academics while remembering that its for a 5-6 year old and making it fun for her too!  I have found so many great boxed curriculums but many of them are very heavy on the religious aspect.  Because our family is not very religious, I feel like I would have to omit or alter too much of those curriculums to fit our family.  Timberdoodle has both a secular curriculum AND a build-your-own curriculum that I feel is going to work out great for us.  I am able to make a Kindergarten-First Grade hybrid set to meet Avery exactly where she is in each subject.

Do you used a boxed curriculum? Do you piece together your own?  What are some of your favorites?  Bonus points if they are in the kindergarten/1st grade range!!


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Curriculum

  1. This past year we used Lifepac from Alpha Omega. It was good. As you mentioned, it’s good to keep you on a track. This year I am piecing it together from shool textbooks, Web resources, and a couple of others. Good luck!

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