Heading towards homeschool.

Well, I’ve been absent from blogging for awhile now.  To play a little catchup, Avery has been in a 3 day preschool program for this school year as a “trial” while we continue to decide about whether or not to homeschool.  As this school year is quickly coming to a close (less than 2 months!), I’m getting more and more anxious about making a decision.  We have been talking about it lightly throughout the school year but more in passing comments than real, sit-down-and-hammer-it-out discussions.

So there are 3 options for next year (or every year, I suppose):

  1. Public Kindergarten
  2. Private Kindergarten (same school that she’s at now)
  3. Homeschool

I have 2 main issues with public school.  First of all, there is no public half day kindergarten in my city.  The school day is 8:45-3:40 and I feel like that is a ridiculously long day for a 5-6 year old.  Avery currently takes dance class twice a week and we’ve been thinking of adding other activities but after a 7 hour school day, I just don’t see her having enough energy for other stuff.  My other issue is that based on the standard kindergarten curriculum, Avery will spend at least half of the year being bored or reviewing things that she already knows.

While the private kindergarten is only half day, I still feel like their curriculum would not be challenging enough for Avery.  This would be at the same school as her current preschool.  I love the people at her school but their preschool curriculum has been all stuff that Avery has known since before she started school.  Avery can read, do simple math, etc.  I’m assuming that their Kindergarten picks up where their Preschool leaves off and so, I just cannot see it being challenging enough.  Also, because it is a private school, the tuition is a few hundred dollars per month! There are tax donations and scholarships to lower that cost but none of that is guaranteed when you register.  I do not mind spending money on education but I feel like the cost here is a bit steep when I’m not confident that the curriculum will be a good fit for my child.

So today I made a list of all of these pro/cons to have the visual there for my husband.  I’m going to let him have that and contemplate on that for a bit.  The more I think about it myself, the more I am heading towards homeschooling…let’s hope it’s the same for him!!

And in apology for my absence, here are some Disney pictures from our February trip!