Grinch Party!

I officially have a 5 year old!!  Her Grinch party was a huge success!  We decorated in ll green and ate green foods (guacamole, grapes, green apples, green peppers, cucumbers, etc).  We ordered a Grinch piñata and it turned out much bigger and better than expected…it was so much fun but the piñata was too strong and the kids needed a little help breaking it open.  Mom worked really hard to make a “pin-the-heart-on-the-Grinch” game and while it turned out well, the kids were too busy and we never actually played the game.  Daddy made her a Grinch cake too…he’s got skills.

Avery had a great birthday and a great party.  I loved the challenge of the random theme where I had to put a little more thought into it.  Success all around!



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