Homemade Puffy Paint

It is no secret that we love craft time at our house! We try a lot of new craft ideas and methods but of course, there are always more ideas out there.

Today we tested out a homemade puffy paint that I have had pinned for awhile now. I have the same recipe pinned as different projects…ice cream cones, pumpkins, and today we made cotton candy.  You could make whatever you want with this. It is 50/50 shaving cream and glue, and then a few drops of food coloring depending on what you want to make.


We are only a few hours out and it is dry to the touch but not quite dry enough for the kids to poke at (and they really want to…it just looks so puffy and inviting to those tiny fingers!).

We will definitely make this again….it not only makes cool art but is also just fun for the kids to stir and scoop as sensory play.  I left the extra in a Tupperware to see how long it will last before drying out, I’ll update when I know the answer.


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