Homemade Puffy Paint

It is no secret that we love craft time at our house! We try a lot of new craft ideas and methods but of course, there are always more ideas out there.

Today we tested out a homemade puffy paint that I have had pinned for awhile now. I have the same recipe pinned as different projects…ice cream cones, pumpkins, and today we made cotton candy.  You could make whatever you want with this. It is 50/50 shaving cream and glue, and then a few drops of food coloring depending on what you want to make.


We are only a few hours out and it is dry to the touch but not quite dry enough for the kids to poke at (and they really want to…it just looks so puffy and inviting to those tiny fingers!).

We will definitely make this again….it not only makes cool art but is also just fun for the kids to stir and scoop as sensory play.  I left the extra in a Tupperware to see how long it will last before drying out, I’ll update when I know the answer.


Bored to Tears!

We are one month into our pre-K school trial. If you are just tuning in, you can read this post to read about why we are doing a in-school trial.  I figured I’d give an update on how it’s going.  A has adjusted fairly well.  She cried at drop off for the first 2 weeks when mom dropped her off (but no tears on daddy drop off days).  After 2 weeks, she got used to the idea, knew when we would pick her up and now no more tears.  She does occasionally cry for a minute or two during the day but is always easily redirected.  She has 4 friends in the class that she already knew from the exercise-playgroup that we have attended since she was a baby.

One day last week, her teacher told me she cried for a couple minutes during the day because she missed me.  I asked A on the way home why she had been crying.  She said “I was just SOOOO bored!!”  Oh my gosh, she had me laughing so hard with that….she was literally bored to tears.

That brings me to the academic portion.  I do not really feel like she is learning anything new.  She goes to school 3 days a week and so far, they have worked on one letter each WEEK and the 4th week was a review of the previous 3 letters.  A already knows her letters so this is a very slow pace for her.  It took 3 weeks for her teachers to realize she already knows how to write her name.  The teachers write everyone’s names on their papers in yellow highlighter for the kids to trace.  A doesn’t like to make waves and likes to please people…so she just kept tracing her name even though she can do it herself.  In the third week, she drew a picture during free time and labeled “Mom, Dad, Avery, Kaylee”.  Her teachers had no idea that she could write her own name, let alone her entire family’s names.  I was/am trying not to be “that parent” so I planned to wait until open house (beginning of Oct) before I brought up challenging her more.  I am hoping that now that they know, they will challenge her more but I totally understand that they have something like 18 kids in the class and may not have the resources to be changing materials for 1 student but I’m hoping we can figure something out.

Stay Tuned….

Don’t be a Grinch!

A’s 5th birthday is coming up quickly and I am busy planning her party! I cannot believe that she is already 5…but more on her and her 5 years on her actual birthday.

About a week before her 4th birthday, she asked for a Grinch party.  There was no way that I could have thrown it together at that point and besides, we didn’t have a ‘friends’ party for her last year because we were traveling and celebrated with her grandma and poppy.  But, I had told her that we could do that next year if she still wanted to.  I did not actually expect that she would still want the same thing a year later but said it more so that she knew I wasn’t shutting her idea down, just that it wasn’t going to work in that moment.

Fast forward a year later and she is having her Grinch party!  She has literally been talking about her Grinch birthday for the past YEAR.  It is a little bit of a difficult theme because her birthday is in September….not near Christmas and as one would assume, most Grinch party supplies or ideas are centered around Christmas.  Oh well, mom to the rescue!! We will make the Fall Grinch party a thing 😉  I am pretty excited about it because it is “all her” and not something that 5 of her other friends are going to choose for their parties too.