Pushin’ It

Some people might see what A and I do for our school time and think that maybe I’m pushing her.  We do a lot and a lot of it is sit down, book work.  This is what A likes and requests.  If we go on a walk and I tell her about the nature and environment around us, she doesn’t see that as school.  If we do a worksheet about the same stuff…that’s school to A.  We do both but she requests what she views as school and I’m happy to accommodate her.  I am not standing over her with a ruler forcing her to work in hopes that she will be the next child genius (although she is very smart, girl has potential!).

In the homeschool world, I am seeing “unschooling” come up a lot (I haven’t been in the HS world very long but it seems to be an increasing trend/method.).  Compared to that, our workbooks, worksheets, and flashcards might seem like overkill for a 4 year old.  I do not personally think that SCHOOL must be done at a desk with a #2 pencil.  But if that is how my kid learns, I’m pleased as punch to sharpen that pencil.  The thing that is important to me, is that I’m fostering a love of learning in my children and that they always explore the world around them.  Right now, how we do school is dictated by A and her personality. In another year, we will see how K learns best and change things up to accommodate her learning style as well.


The workbook she is using here is Brain Games-Kindergarten.  My biggest complaint about it is that the answers are on the direct opposite page.  She cant turn the pages herself or she’ll see the answers before she has a chance to answer herself.  So far, A hasn’t been introduced to any new concepts but this workbook is definitely keeping her skills sharp.  When she gets towards the end of the book, there are some money (coin) and directional (East-West) concepts that will be new for her. This is great to keep kids thinking during school breaks or as a homeschool workbook!


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