Difference of Opinions

What do you do when there is a difference of opinion in your own household?  About really big issues?

We had preschool orientation for A today.  If you recall, we are testing out public school (which is actually a private, Christian preschool) just as we tested the homeschool waters to see which is for us and our family.  Anyway, A spoke with the teachers and after a few minutes, left my side to play with the toys and other kids….this is great for A as she typically she sticks pretty close to mom in unfamiliar situations. And she already had a crying session last week just thinking about going to school without mom….

At orientation, the teachers were talking about how the class will learn a letter a day, they will learn numbers 1-10, how to write their names, use scissors properly, etc.  These are great goals and I am not knocking them but A already knows all of that. These are the goals for the END of the year.  A might get the social and independent aspects that we are looking for but I think we will be doing her a huge disservice by not challenging her intellectually and academically.

Dad really thinks A needs this to gain more independence from mom.  Not necessarily social skills as she does great at dance class and play groups.  He also thinks she would really blossom in school because she is so focused and pays such close attention.  I don’t disagree but I don’t think public school is the only way for her to get those things.  I just feel like we could be really successful at homeschooling.  I see more and more benefits to it but dad isn’t convinced.  He’s not against it, he’s just a little stuck in the “we went to public school, kids turn 5 and go to school, it’s just what you do” camp of thinking.  I’m honestly a little confused because last year, he was SOOOO for me homeschooling preschool (and we had a great, successful year!) and now suddenly, he’s back on the public school train.  To be totally honest, he would not fight me if I said I was homeschooling…he would let me do it.  If we disagree on things, he generally defaults to me on parenting decisions because he knows I do more research, I am with the kids the most, and he knows that I am always thinking of the kids’ best interests.  So even though I know that I could get my way on this, I feel it is more important to be sure we are making the correct decision for the whole family.  I don’t want to bully him into homeschooling and then feel like he is judging what A is learning, IF A is learning, our schedule, etc.

I agreed to this trial and I am committed to giving it a shot but then we’ll sit down and have a good long debate if we are still on opposite sides of the schoolyard fence.  My hope is that we are able to give this a fair shot and go from there.  My true hope is that we do decide homeschooling is for us.  But if we don’t?  That’s okay too as long as we all feel that public/private/charter school is the best thing for A and our family.


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