Bryce Zion Campground

For our trips to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, we decided to stay at the Bryce Zion Campground.  Since we didn’t pack all of our camping gear, we reserved one of their Kozy Kamping Kabins.  The Kabin was a super cute log cabin with a double bed and twin bunk beds.  Keep in mind, this is in place of a tent and not much bigger than one.  Actually, our family tent is bigger than the cabin but this was for convenience.  The cabins do not have anything besides the beds and a tiny desk and chair.  Outside, there is a small bench and porch at each cabin, a grill, a firepit, and a picnic table.  We did bring some of our essential camp cooking supplies as we were planning on camp cooking for this portion of the trip. There is a communal camp bathroom with showers which was always very clean.  The property had horses that are usually used for trail rides.  There was a sign saying rides were temporarily suspended but the horses were fun to watch and pet anyway.  They had ice and firewood for sale and a small convenience mart with some food and toiletries.


The biggest NEGATIVE to staying here…they never told us that we were supposed to supply our own bedding.  We’ve never stayed in the cabins before so we didn’t know.  I called the day of check in, as we were driving between parks, to see what time we could check in.  They informed me at that point that we supplied the bedding.  There was nowhere for us to buy bedding without going 50+ miles out of our way.  They ended up having a bedding set for the double bed that we could rent.  Luckily, we had Poppy (dad’s dad) with us and we were able to forage enough blankets out of his truck for the girls’ bedding.  Providing our own bedding was not an issue but we needed to know that was the deal!  I have since checked their website and our confirmation emails and it doesn’t state that anywhere…so if you ever stay somewhere like this, be sure to double check!

But overall, we really like the location and the cabin was a great place to stay if you want the camping experience without hauling the tent out.


2 thoughts on “Bryce Zion Campground

  1. We recently tried a Kamper Cabin outside of Yosemite near the Tetons. Overall it was a great experience and I would do it again. Good to know about this cabin. Saves time with putting up the tent and blowing an air mattress up and in our case no bear locker needed! !


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