Get those kids socialized!

Anyone who has ever entertained the idea of homeschooling for a nanosecond has heard the no socialization/socially awkward concern from others.  I think homeschooling has the ability to make our children MORE socialized and less “boxed in” by a classroom setting.  In a traditional classroom setting, kids socialize with 25 other same-age students with whom they are randomly grouped. Or they might “socialize” too much and get stuck sitting by themselves at the front of the class.  Not that I’m talking from experience or anything but remember how teachers grouped about 4 desks together but then expected you to be quiet and not talk. How’s that for socialization?  Being in close proximity to other kids does not mean they are learning healthy socialization skills.

But anyhow, what I wanted to talk about was extracurriculars and hobbies.  Homeschooling gives kids the opportunity to explore more of their personal interests.  They can interact with other kids who have those same interests and they are able to make friends with a larger age span.  Sounds more like “real life” or adult friendships if you ask me.

A currently takes a dance class and horseback riding lessons. For now, her riding lessons are private lessons but she will take group lessons in the future.  Her ballet class has anywhere from 5-12 students (age 3-8) depending on the week.  She loves it!  She loves dance, she loves going to the studio, she loves her dance friends and instructors.  She is not socially awkward.  In addition to learning socialization skills, dance also teaches her respect for herself and others, precision, physical fitness, following instruction, and coordination.

She just ended her 2nd year of ballet and performed beautifully in her recital.  They danced to “In Summer” from Frozen.




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