As I’ve mentioned before, A is very self motivated.  So much so that one day she asked to learn sign language.  A does not know anyone who uses ASL on a regular basis or as their first language.  I believe this interest came from a Sprout channel show that teaches one sign a show/week (Yep, we let our kids watch TV…SHOCKER!).

I don’t know sign language but I thought it was an awesome idea when she brought it up.  So we headed over to YouTube and found some ASL learning videos for kids.  I contemplated buying a set from Signing Time but I contemplated long enough that it showed up on Netflix (yay!).  And we recently found a class at our local library that we are going to try (it is a beginner class but geared towards the seniors in our area who are losing their hearing….so we’ll see if it is general enough to teach A).

She first asked to learn around her 4th birthday and 9 months later, she is still really interested in it.  She knows her alphabet, how to say “my name is A…”, mom, dad, and tons of other words.  She incorporates signing into everyday conversation.  Although neither of us know enough to have an entire conversation, she will use signs in spoken conversation whenever she knows one.  And at least once a day, we look something up when she says “I wonder how you sign…..”

I think one of the huge bonuses of homeschooling is to be able to focus on your child’s interests at that moment.  If she was in a public school, do you think the teacher would or could change the entire curriculum or add an entire subject based on one child’s interests?? No. It just isn’t feasible in that kind of setting.  I love that we can focus on ASL because she has a deep interest and curiosity in it.  And later, we can alter our course to include whatever else she is passionate about learning.

At this point, I’m not sure who is the teacher and who is the student in our relationship.  I am certainly learning things I never knew on this journey.

Some of the sites we have used:


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