Like an oven.

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in SW AZ.  It’s pretty normal for our summer temps to be 110.  Several days this week have been or will be 115. There is nothing normal about 115.  Walking outside feels like walking into an oven.  When it’s 100-108? Actually, not that bad (I know, it is ridiculous to think of any temps over 100 as “not that bad”).  Yes, it is hot but we usually have a couple hours in the morning and a couple more before bed where we can go outside and play.  And we go to the waterpark too.  108 seems to be my personal threshold where the temp goes from “Holy crap, its hot outside!” to “Holy hell, I’d rather climb inside my oven than walk to get the mail!”

Sooo anyway, I knew it was going to be extra hot this week so I looked up some fun indoor activities that we could do to keep the kids entertained and not just parked in front of the tv (and if you don’t live in HELL*, you could use these during snowy winter days or rainy days….we don’t have any snow here and very few rainy days.)  We made an early trip to Target to gather some supplies so that there was no need to leave our cozy air conditioned house for the worst few days….


Our dart game was the biggest hit!  Those foam darts were in the Dollar Spot so the girls each picked one out and then we bought the 50 cent posterboard.  I made the different size holes worth different points and we spent several hours playing this game, trying to beat each other, moving the board higher/lower, etc.  K cheated and just walked right up to it but she still didn’t get bored of it very quickly.


This picture just cracks me up. K cracks me up.  We bought balloons for a few different games but they had the most fun *trying* to blow them up themselves.  We bought a set of large paddles in the $3 Dollar Spot and then used a balloon to hit back and forth and also play ‘keep off the ground.’  We tried the balloon powered straw on a string thing but it was mostly a fail.  I mean, it worked in the technical sense but it wasn’t very fun for the girls.  They couldn’t blow the balloons up themselves so I was doing most of the work and they lost interest pretty quickly when we realized there wasn’t much they could do with that.

We had also picked up new crayons and a giant coloring book (both were on cartwheel!).  And in my gift closet (I buy tons on sale and save for future gifts), I had a bath paint set that I broke out for the little ladies.  We had plenty to keep us busy for the worst of the weather.  They were having so much fun, they forget to beg me to go outside….WIN!

*HELL does refer to the town I live in right now but I don’t actually hate it as that might make it sound.  I hate it this week when its 115 but generally, I really like our town and we have awesome winters….only 4 more months before we start to cool down.)


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