What to do with littles…

This is K, our 2 year old daughter.  We lovingly refer to her as the honey badger because she’s fearless and crazy.  (Don’t get the honey badger reference…watch this video. Language is not kid friendly.) She does not like to sit still….I mean, she’s 2 so that’s pretty expected.  But still, it’s difficult to get school work done when she wants to be involved but doesn’t want to sit and do something quietly.

In the fall, it was easier to get school work done during naps and after her bedtime. But as she weans off nap time and starts going to bed closer to the same time as A…it gets harder.

We got K her own “workbook” which was just a fancy coloring book and had some small activities like “circle everything pink”.  K immediately shot down the idea of her doing “school books” but still wants to be rightontopofus while we try to get it done.  [If we stick with the homeschool thing, K will surely be the one to test not only my teaching skills but also my patience.]

So we made her a basket of school type things that were not workbooks since she didn’t like the idea of that!

 Her basket has lacing cards and flashcards (colors, animals, shapes).  It also has some coloring books (regular ones!) and crayons.  K loves letters so we have a set of magnetic letters that she often goes through during school time.  And of course, if we do any science experiments, craft projects, or anything with the chance of getting messy….she is right there with us for those!  This basket keeps her pretty occupied and content enough for us to get done some learning.  I will probably switch out what is in her basket periodically so that she doesn’t get bored.

K is very curious and likes trying new things.  I believe she will be a quick learner but will definitely need a different teaching style than A.  Depending on her own interest, we wouldn’t plan on doing any scheduled/organized preschool with her until next fall when she’s 3.5.


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