To homeschool or not…

I never considered homeschooling until we moved from the Midwest to the Southwest.  The public schools in our area are not the greatest and we live in an area where my husband’s job as a law enforcement officer could negatively affect our children in public school.  There are preschools and kindergartens that are highly recommended but after that? We have charter and private schools that cost more than rent/mortgage!  We originally joked about homeschooling as an option and the more we joked about it, the less of a joke it was.

Our older daughter, A, has a late September birthday so by public school rules, she won’t start Kinder until she is almost 6.  We decided last year to give the homeschooling thing a shot.  We agreed to homeschool preschool for her 3-4 year old year.  If we didn’t like it or it wasn’t working for us, we would still have time to put her in a “real” preschool for her 4-5 year before Kinder.  While I don’t believe that structured preschool is really educationally necessary, I used curriculum and a schedule. I figured if it was our test to see if HS would work for us, I needed it to be structured as it will be as the girls get older.

Our test year went really well (future post about what we did during our year)!  A loves learning so she made it very easy on me.  She is self motivated and is always asking to do science experiments or worksheets. I always say she makes me look like a better teacher than I probably am.

While our year went well, we are still undecided.  Largely, my husband is undecided.  And my feelings on it aren’t strong enough to push him over the edge yet.  I believe his exact quote was “I don’t know if you really want to homeschool or if you just can’t cut the cord.”  It was said in jest and we both laughed because I don’t know either.  Regardless of the reason, I DO believe that I can teach my children and foster deep loves of learning in them.  However, since we are both still wavering, we have decided to put A into a 3 day preschool this fall to test out the public school option as well.  I am more nervous about sending her to school than I am about being solely responsible for her education which I think is telling about which way I’m leaning but I agreed to give it a fair shot and see what works for her.


(*I originally started this blog on a different forum but transitioning to wordpress.  Post was originally posted Sunday, June 14, 2015)


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