Ride on the Magic School Bus!

One thing that A is constantly asking is to do science experiments.  We have pretty much exhausted all of the science projects that I know (or found on pinterest)….volcanos, walking water, oobleck, color changing milk, shaving cream rain clouds.  I feel like that’s a pretty good repertoire of preschool age experiments but we do them pretty frequently so we need to get some new material.


With Netflix, A has recently gotten into the Magic School Bus!  I had added some of the MSB science kits to my wishlist on amazon but they are $15-40/each so I hadn’t bought any yet.  I was pretty excited when a deal came through my email for a MSB club.  A will get a kit per month for an entire year!  The deal was through Educents for $120 for the year….a total steal compared to the amazon prices!!  I have heard this kit comes up on Groupon occasionally too so if you’re interested, shop around and don’t pay full price.

Our first kit will be coming next week sometime and is going to be a stars and planets kit.  I believe THIS is our first kit.  I am pretty excited and haven’t told A yet so she will be thrilled!  I’ll be sure to post a review when we get it…we’re going on vacation at the beginning of July so I’m crossing my fingers it gets here quickly!

(I started this blog on another forum and am transitioning to wordpress. Post was originally published on June 18, 2015.)


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