While we do educate everywhere, our version of homeschool does include sit-down, desk, workbook style learning as well.  We are not unschooling over here but if that’s your thing, its cool with me.  I need structure.  I need a planner (though I don’t always follow it or even fill it out).  I need to be able to keep track of things so I know I’m remembering to cover all the important stuff.

Although it hasn’t been our goal (but let’s face it, it’s always my goal to save a buck), we are finding it is incredibly doable to homeschool on a budget.  The target dollar spot is a pretty awesome resource!   And I always walk the clearance aisles of wherever I’m at.  So many great finds.  And Goodwill or whatever resale shop you have.

First and foremost, books.  All the books.  I strongly believe books should be the most used material for all children, homeschooled or not.


These were all found at our local Goodwill for $10!


These are the majority of our materials.  All but one of the workbooks and flashcards were from the Target dollar spot.  The math set and space puzzle were clearance at Walmart.  Preschool prep was on group-on.  I probably paid full price for the Melissa and Doug stuff but I also most likely gave them to A as gifts.materials

Quite a bit of our worksheets and ideas came from Pinterest!  It has such a great collection of printable, free materials….and as a bonus, we actually used these pins whereas many of our recipe or DIY pins are mostly just for show 😉  Once we are out of the preschool/kinder stage, I’m not sure how much we will be able to find for free online so we are taking advantage while we can!  These are some examples of materials we have found through pinterest.  You can find them all on my everyday learning board but it might take some digging.  I don’t know the specific blogs or sites that these ones came from but going forward, I’ll link to them specifically.


(*I started this blog on another forum but am transitioning to wordpress. This post was originally posted on June 15, 2015.)


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