I Can Doodle, Can You?

We love doodling in this house.  I doodle when I’m making phone calls, I doodle when the girls are doing school work, the girls doodle when I read to them.  We have gotten dedicated doodle books before to guide our doodling and we love those books.

So when we got the chance to try out I Can Doodle Rhymes from Timberdoodle, I knew it would be right up our alley!


I was right! The girls totally loved this.  Avery is older than the target age for this book but she still enjoyed it.  She is at that point in reading where her confidence is growing and she is just THRILLED whenever she can read something herself.  She was able to read all of these rhymes and that made it so much more fun for her.  Bonus for mom was that she could do it 100% independently!


Kaylee has just gotten a good grasp on rhyming so she was having fun using these rhymes as a starting point and then thinking of anything else to go along with that particular word set.  The format was perfect for her age/ability too!  As everyone knows by now, we follow a Brave Writer Lifestyle so the copywork aspect fit right into our realm.



Disclaimer: She does her own lipstick and she’s in a “loving leftover Halloween lipstick” stage.


This doodle book is included in Timberdoodle’s Kindergarten Curriculum Kit and I think that is the perfect place for it.  My girls are on either end of that (Pre-K and 1st) and this was a big WIN for both of them.  I am a big believer that learning should be fun and that the more fun you have, the more you will be learning.  That kinder age is such a special time when kids have voracious appetites for learning and it is so important to foster that and continue to make it fun.  I Can Doodle Rhymes does just that!

In her own words, Avery’s review is: “Great! I really like drawing and writing and I got to do both.”

In her own words, Kaylee says “That one is funny! And fun!”


*I received a free copy of this product from Timberdoodle for the purpose of an honest review.  All opinions are my own.




You know the saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”?? We have that problem with read alouds. I’ve picked one, Avery’s picked one, we have a holiday one, we have our Quiver of Arrows ones. 

How many read alouds at one time is too many?? 😂😂 Today, school is going to be finishing a couple of these!!

Music is what feelings sound like.

I LOVE music! I love to sing along and rock out to all sorts of music….classic rock, country, alternative, old school hip hop, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I have a song and a playlist for every mood or occasion. 

But I am also tone deaf. As much as I love music, I’ve never played an instrument or attempted to learn one. Air guitar is as far as my music career has gone.

Both of the girls have recently decided that they want to play an instrument. Great-I am all for that but this is an area where I cannot teach them myself. Too far out of my realm.  Our schedule is a bit cramped right now so we just don’t have time right now to work in traditional instrument lessons.

Avery started asking for a guitar several months before her birthday and she was so excited to get one. Her dad plays guitar and is giving her lessons but due to his work schedule, their lessons are infrequent.  Our musically inclined friends have led us to a few different apps and websites that help beginners learn so we are trying that out.

Kaylee decided that she would love to play piano. A piano is a bit harder and more expensive to accommodate but she has been talking about it for a year! We were so lucky that one of dad’s coworkers was looking to get rid of his piano and not only gave it to us for free but helped move it to our house too! Kaylee and I are using Hoffman Academy on YouTube to learn how to play. We are only a few lessons in but so far, it is working well. I am officially a pro at hot cross buns so maybe there is hope for me yet!

We’ll have a family band going in no time at all….

Do you or your kids play any instruments? Have you always been musically inclined or do you have to work at it like me?

Party time!

Avery just recently turned 7. One of my favorite things about this girl is her creativity in picking party themes. One year, she did a Malificient theme. Another year, she did a Grinch theme….for a September birthday. 

This year, she wanted to do a Nerf party. These are pretty popular in our circle but instead of a war (because why would she want to shoot her friends), she wanted a Nerf challenge party. 

She decided on 7 challenges for her  7 years. Everyone got 7 shots at each target and we had a prize for the “Top Shot”.

I spent a few weeks deciding on the challenges and creating them. It was so fun! We had a blast planning and preparing for the party and all of the guests had fun too.

The 7 challenges we did were: spinning targets, swinging targets, zombie attack, ping pong precision, sniper training, balloon pop, and tin can challenge.

The “Top Shot” award

The party itself was relatively inexpensive because I made the challenges from mostly recycled materials and we did snack foods instead of a full meal.  The most expensive part of the party was getting these cute little single shooters for the favors but they were a big hit so it was worth it! 

This was possibly my favorite theme that she has picked so far….but she’s already brainstorming for her 8th birthday so we’ll see what she picks next….